EXCLUSIVE: The verdict on Christie and Simone's 'marriages' is not looking good.

If you’re riding the Married at First Sight roller coaster with us, holding tight to every suggestion that the couples may or may not still be together, then you’ll have to bear with us through another little speed hump.

A fellow pub-goer has exclusively revealed to Mamamia that she saw Christie and Simone together today at approximately 3pm at Sydney’s Clovelly Hotel. Surprisingly, despite much speculation they are still with their experimental ‘husbands’, Mark and Xavier were no where to be seen.

“They were both together with a couple other girls,” she revealed.

Rumours of pregnancy and happy marriages off-screen appear to be quashed post-sighting, with the fellow pub-goer suggesting neither looked like they were still with their ‘husbands’.

 Married At First Sight brides Christie (left) and Simone (right). 

"Both had NO wedding rings on," the attendee noticed.

She also insinuated that it was Simone who presented signs of being interested in the men around her, "saying how hot every guy who walked past was".

"Simone was betting on Two Up. There was one guy in particular she was betting with and she kept commenting on how cute he was," she went on.

She also added it was hardly the thing that "someone who is taken wouldn't say".

The internet was sent into quite the frenzy this afternoon with Christie having fans speculate she is pregnant after posting a cryptic photo on her Instagram account.

“A bit of innuendo me thinks,” one commenter wrote, “is there something you’re not telling us?”;

“Is there a ‘bun in the oven’ Christie?”, another added.


However, a sighting of Christie "on the beers" while at Clovelly Hotel today may decisively put that rumour to bed, igniting a wave of disappointment from fans of the 'married' couple.

Interestingly, there was no sign of fellow contestant Erin at the pub after speculation peaked last week that she was  still with her experimental husband Bryce after a photo on Instagram showed her visibly wearing her wedding ring.  

In response to the speculation, the 26-year-old suggested the joke may be on us,  sharing another photo on the social media platform poking fun at those who had their fingers crossed for a REAL Married At First Sight wedding.

So all in all? We've learnt there's a good chance most of them didn't quite get the happy ending they were after, and being a reality TV star means you can't drink beer in peace.

But they looked so good together? Watch moments of Simone and Xavier's honeymoon...

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