Married at First Sight's Ashley just threw some not-so-subtle shade at Carly on Instagram.

Married At First Sight went out with a pot-stirring, unapologetic bang this week. But if you thought for a second the drama was over, we have some good news.

Ashley Irvin had to face her ex-fake-husband Troy Delmege and his new, actual girlfriend Carly Bowyer at the dinner party in Tuesday night’s episode and last night, nothing was resolved.

As the finale aired Ash got off one last shot at the woman who picked up her leftovers in an Instagram post – because how else would a reality TV contestant do it?

At first, it looked like the Queensland flight attendant had simply posted a nice group shot of the girl gang back together. But after a moment we realised Carly had been cropped out.

Along with hashtags “hoes before bros” and “yes I’m savage”, Ashley made it clear this wasn’t an editing error.


For reference, here’s what the original version of the photo looked like, courtesy of Tracey Jewel:

It was subtle, yet brutal. Much like her response to Carly apologising in Wednesday’s episode for showing up to the dinner party with Troy and kissing him in front of her, saying she was “so worried” about her reaction.

“So you saw my reaction, so you sit on his lap and make out with him in front of me?” Ash replied.

“I’m glad you were really worried about my feelings. ‘Cause it really showed.”

Yep, so there’s one person Carly and Troy can cross off the guest list if they ever choose to get married for real.

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