A GoFundMe backlash and OnlyFans: Where the cast of Married at First Sight 2020 are now.

It's been six months since Married at First Sight 2020 ended. And boy, things have changed.

Many (most) couples have split, new relationships have formed, and drama has continued to follow each of the brides and grooms. Oh, and you know, there's been the global pandemic.

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Since COVID-19 kind of got in the way of these contestants becoming social media influencers, some have needed to head back to their day jobs, while others are trying to make it work.

Here's what all the contestants of MAFS 2020 are doing now.

Poppy and Luke.


The first couple to get married this season was Poppy and Luke. And while it started off positive, things went downhill quickly.

Only a few episodes in, Poppy farewelled both Luke and the experiment to go home because she “missed her kids too much." However, Poppy later revealed that her reasons to leave didn't just involve her twins.

These days, it looks like Poppy is still working as a photographer while looking after her boys. 

And we assume Luke is still a FIFO worker, but with COVID-19 going on... we're not entirely sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Amanda and Tash.

Amanda and Tash were another couple who, again, started off really well. Their chemistry at the wedding seemed great but things quickly turned sour during the honeymoon.

Not long after, both ladies called it quits.


Back in February, Tash made her relationship with girlfriend Madison Hewitt Instagram official, but they have broken up since. Career-wise, she's an Instagram influencer and YouTuber.

Amanda Micallef, who is a personal trainer and influencer, has found herself back in the spotlight after she launched a GoFundMe, asking her followers to help pay for her move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. 

After receiving backlash from fans who believed it was insensitive to ask for money during a global pandemic, the 34-year-old opened up about her personal financial struggles.

"We're pretty screwed here in Melbourne, all the gyms are shut. I'm surviving off Centrelink for those of you who don't know," she said in an Instagram Story.

"I have had that many personal struggles. I was living in my best friend's property recently and was a target to her partner, who was like the devil.

"I had to leave that property and now I'm staying with a good friend of mine. I am living out of boxes at the moment, which I have never done.

"I don't need to justify myself, I just think I've done a lot for other businesses out there.


"I've done a lot of posts for free, I actually haven't charged a lot of the businesses that I've worked with, and I'm just asking if you're feeling generous and you want to give back, now would be the perfect time to do it."

Aleks and Ivan.


After the finale aired, Aleks and Ivan confirmed they had called time on their relationship in February.

"Our values, wants, needs and lifestyles didn't align, and that's ok," Aleks wrote on Instagram.

"I wish him nothing but the best. Please respect my privacy on the matter as just like anyone out in the 'real' world, some relationships just don’t work out.

"My MAFS journey was one that I will never forget. I learnt so much about myself and what I truly want and need for myself and in a partner. I do not doubt that my soulmate is out there somewhere."

Since their split, Aleks has started her own makeup line and creates videos on TikTok.


Ivan continues to work at a real estate agency. 

Cathy and Josh.


Cathy and Josh's relationship was bumpy to say the least. They did not last the season.

After filming ended, Cathy went back to her job as a logistics investigator but continues to be a fairly successful social media influencer. She has also found love since the show ended.

"His [Josh's] name makes me want to throw up. I would honestly rather put my feet in boiling water than be next to that despicable human being. But if it's newsworthy - I’ve been in a relationship right after the show ended last year and will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon," she told a follower on Instagram earlier this year. 

As for Josh, it appears he's living in Newcastle, New South Wales, and still working as a tradie.


Connie and Jonethen.


After we saw this couple torn between staying or leaving the experiment for the entire season, Connie finally cut off all communication from Jonethen earlier this year.

"I had my last straw with him this weekend. I can't play pretend. I can't live a double life," she told Hobart’s Hit100.9 in March. "It was my birthday this weekend. He was in Melbourne for the whole weekend [at a club promotion event]. He said he would be there for me for my birthday."

These days, Connie is a makeup artist and marine science enthusiast, living in Melbourne.

Jonethen is an influencer living on the Gold Coast.


Hayley and David.

It's not too much to call Hayley and David the 'trainwreck' couple of MAFS 2020. In fact, they knew it too.

When asked whether she thought she'd been matched with David to create drama, Hayley was certain that yes, they "100 per cent" had.


Not only were the couple not compatible after their honeymoon, but there was also *that* toothbrush incident and the ~alleged~ cheating scandal between Hayley and Michael Goonan. 

These days, Hayley is living in Melbourne lockdown and has started an OnlyFans account to fund her way through the pandemic.

David lives on his farm in rural Victoria and has started his own clothing label.


KC and Drew.

KC and Drew didn't last long. In fact, hours after the finale aired, KC announced that she was dating another groom, Michael Goonan

"It’s love. We have one hell of a journey ahead of us. Everything is on the table. We moved in together last week," the couple told New Idea.

And her on-screen (fake) husband Drew Brauer wished them well. Bless.

“I wish them all the best, good on them! I really hope they are happy. KC actually asked me if I’d had a problem with them going out and having a drink. KC and I didn’t work and I wanted her to go for it. I want her to be happy and I still care about her.


“I think Michael and KC are a lot better match than what we were. I hope it works out for them. All the best to them,” he said.

However, after five months together, the new couple broke up.

Now, KC appears to be single and living in Queensland. Work-wise, she continues to teach dance classes.

As for Drew, aka Drew Boy Music, he's still making music and has started his own charity to raise awareness for mental health.


Elizabeth and Seb.

FINALLY: some good relationship news.

Elizabeth and Seb are the only couple matched by the experts to make it through the experience AND are still together. Hallelujah.  

After the finale, Elizabeth spammed Instagram with photos of their time together over the past few months, and they look genuinely happy. 


Plus just this week the pair exchanged promise rings! We're so here for it.

Mishel and Steve.


After Steve told Mishel that he wasn't physically attracted to her, there was no going back from there.

Since their attempt to find love on reality TV ended, Mishel continues to work as a teacher and shares her wellness and beauty tips with her 95,000 Instagram followers.

Steve still owns his barbershop in Melbourne and does a bit of social media influencing too.


Natasha and Mikey.

Natasha and Mikey did not go the distance. That might be partly because Mikey slept with Stacey Hampton during filming (although Stacey denies it ever happened).


“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” Mikey told

Since that whole situation went down, Mikey has been in a relationship with Kelly Burke and lives in Sydney. 

Natasha also lives in Sydney and remains close friends with her fellow female contestants.


Vanessa and Chris.

From the moment they exchanged vows, there wasn't much chemistry between Vanessa and Chris. And because of that, they weren't given much airtime.

Since the season ended, Vanessa has returned to Perth and shares her plant-based recipes and makeup tutorials with her Instagram followers.


Chris is a FIFO worker, living between Adelaide and Perth. He's also a proud dad (his Instagram bio says so) and has recently joined TikTok.


Stacey and Michael.

Finally, the most dramatic couple of the season: Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan.

Stacey and Michael’s relationship has been rocky since the moment they got TV-married.

Throughout the show, Stacey was left frustrated after Michael repeatedly returned to their apartment late at night after drinking. There was also, of course, the cheating scandal.

As we know, after the show ended Michael went onto date KC for five months. Since their breakup, it appears Michael and Stacey are back to being on friendly terms (according to their social media). 


Stacey is living with her two boys in Adelaide, has started her own clothing label and charity to raise awareness for postnatal depression. She also makes TikTok videos.

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