"It was irresponsible for MAFS to put Clare and Jono in the same room - let alone marry them."

It’s been a bit uncomfortable to watch this season of Married at First Sight, and not just because of its cringeworthy premise.

For all the talk of couples matched by “science” spliced with clips of apparent mental health experts attaching electrodes to people’s heads, it doesn’t seem as though much expertise has gone in to matching these couples.

The match that’s most distressing to watch is that of Victorians Clare and Jono.

Last year, Clare, 32, fought off a male attacker on the street and suffered a broken nose, a black eye, and a broken toe. The psychological wounds are still very much present, and she suffers post-traumatic stress disorder as a result.

Clare Verrall was assaulted on the street and wrote a Facebook post about it that went viral.

She was matched with Jono, 28, a tradie who managed to distinguish himself as the show's "villain" within the first episode we saw him.

Apart from the immaturity, infidelity, and inability to do his own laundry that automatically make him a less-than-ideal husband candidate, the trait that's most disturbing is his short fuse.

Watch Clare and Jono in action... post continues after video.

Jono had a major freak-out during the episode he and Clare filmed on their honeymoon in which they canoed in supposedly crocodile-infested waters.

Sources say his tantrum was a protracted and profanity-ridden rant at all and sundry. Meanwhile, Clare was stuck in a boat with him.

Since then, it appears that everything makes Jono angry. Driving. Helping Clare do anything. Walking the dogs. Siri. All of the above sending him on alarming rants.

Jono has been notable for his short fuse.

Clare tried to help him employ techniques to calm down, which he refuses to try because he "doesn't like being told what to do".

Clare explained to him that yelling and screaming make her uncomfortable. "It makes me feel really small," she told him.

His response? She's "talking absolute shit".

It's clear the three supposed experts employed by the show either had very little to do with either of these contestants - or have intentionally put these two people together.

It seems deeply irresponsible to match a person with PTSD with a person with a quick temper for the entertainment of others.