Mark Zuckerberg uses a budget trick to protect himself from hackers.

Not even bona fide tech whiz Mark Zuckerberg is immune to computer hackers. So, despite all the resources at his disposal and the billions in his bank account, the Facebook founder chooses to protect himself with a seriously budget bit of kit.

Sticky tape.

As reported by MIC, an eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted Zucky’s thrifty tactic in this photograph he posted on Facebook.

Look closely. Right there, on his desk lies his laptop, complete with a patch of sticky tape over the camera and another over the microphone jack.

Paranoid? Well, not really.

Hackers and spy agencies have been known to hijack webcams using relatively basic phishing techniques that allow them to watch and record people: in their bedrooms, at work, basically anywhere and anytime they like.

And they can do it all without turning on the little recording light.

As Ars Technica previously reported, there are hacking forums filled with surreptitiously snapped images of innocent and oblivious victims.

"Poor people think they are alone in their private homes, but have no idea they are the laughing stock on HackForums," wrote one member, according to Ars Technica.

"Most of my slaves are boring," wrote another. "Wish I could get some more girls with webcams. It makes it more exciting when you can literally spy on someone. Even if they aren't getting undressed!"

A little piece of tape is more effective than any piece of software at preventing this kind of thing. Hell, even the director of the FBI does it.

Time to raid the stationary cupboard.