Mark Tromp has broken his silence following bizarre chain of events.

Mark Tromp has released a statement following last week’s bizarre chain of events that captured and confused the nation.

Mark was found by police near Wangaratta, Victoria, on Saturday after a five-day man hunt.

He and his family fled their Silvan home on Tuesday last week without their phones or bank cards, with the parents understood to have feared somebody was after them.

Mark and Jacoba Tromp. Image via Victoria Police.

Son Mitchell was first to abandon the car and head home, before sisters Ella and Riana also left their parents.

Ella has been charged with stealing a car to make their way home. Riana was discovered on Tuesday afternoon in the back of a stranger's ute in Goulburn in a reportedly catatonic state.

Two days later, wife Jacoba was found wandering in Yass. Both Riana and Jacoba were taken into the care of local mental health services.


In a statement issued on Tuesday morning, Mark said that "without reservation, I apologise for the hurt and concern caused by these events."

Mitchell, Ella and Riana Tromp. Image via Facebook.

"In recent days my family has been through a difficult period," he said.

"We will soon be reunited together, I hope that we will begin to make sense of our ordeal and return to a normal life."

"I am conscious of the burder these events have placed upon our extended family, friends and the community resources devoted to our aid."

He also expressed his gratitude to police and medical professionals who took care of them.

"More than anything, my family and I need time to recover and receive appropriate assistance, including mental health services."

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