The WA Premier has issued a very important exemption to ensure the Easter Bunny can still visit.

Mark McGowan, the Premier of Western Australia, has spoken to the Easter Bunny and would like the children of WA to know that a special exemption has been made to ensure the Easter Bunny can still deliver chocolate this upcoming long weekend.

Because the Easter Bunny is an essential service, obviously.

The special “eggs-emption” was announced in a video message posted to his Twitter, in which McGowan addressed the boys and girls of Western Australia.

“You’ve probably noticed that some things have been a bit different for the past few weeks,” he said.

“It won’t be like this forever,” he assured the children amid the coronavirus crisis, which has infected 436 people in WA as of Sunday morning.

“But at the moment, it is hard for people to travel around.”

Watch: Mark McGowan announces a special exemption for the Easter Bunny to travel this weekend. Post continues below. 

Video via WA Government

McGowan shared an email he recently received from a nine-year-old girl named Taylah, who was concerned the closure of state borders in Australia would prevent the Easter Bunny from visiting next weekend.

As Premier of Western Australia, however, Mark McGowan wasn’t going to let that happen. He understands the critical need for children to eat chocolate this Easter. Now more than ever, in fact.

So the leader of the Labor Party in Western Australia made it a priority of the highest order, and spoke to the Easter Bunny directly to implement an exemption for this Sunday, April 12.

“I have a very special update,” McGowan told Taylah and all WA kids.


“We’ve been working really hard, and I am very happy to announce I have just signed a special eggs-emption for the Easter Bunny.”

“This means the Easter Bunny can still come to WA and visit all our families and friends next weekend, because we all know just how important that is.”

McGowan also wanted to let Taylah know: “I like Easter and Easter egg hunts, too.”

Proof that not all heroes wear capes.

Enjoy your eggs, kids! (And adults, of course).

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Feature Image: ABC. 

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