CULT BUY: The $24 miracle worker that stops pimples in their tracks.

Like an ex sliding into your direct messages, pimples will always take you by surprise – and usually arriving at the worst possible time.

While I’m fortunate enough not to get severe breakouts, I do often wake up with lone wolf pimples – including those nasty lurkers – around my nose and chin.

And there’s just one product I’ve found that’s strong (but gentle) enough to deal with the buggers.

Image: Brittany Stewart

Give a warm welcome to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $24, available at Mecca.

It's a magic zit-zapping potion in a tiny little bottle and there's a very good reason it's become a cult product raved about by beauty experts, celebrities, world leaders etc

First things first - DO NOT SHAKE IT. The bottle features a clear liquid and then a cotton candy pink sediment at the bottom, packed with fast acting ingredients like salicyclic acid, zinc oxide and sulfur to draw out your spot and calamine to soothe. Simply dip a cotton bud into the bottle so you're passing through both layers and then dab on to the affected skin.

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It does not smell "good" if by good you mean rose petals and delicate jasmine blossoms. It's got a powerful semi-chemical-ly kind of smell that's not overpowering but certainly not subtle.

Personally, I just take it that it means it's strong enough to actually do what it says on the label - zap your zits away.


The drying lotion speeds up the pimple process, healing and drawing out your pimple so you can get rid of it quickly. It gets rid of whiteheads fast reducing them to smaller red spots and can draw out a head in those ugly lurking spots.

While it's great on individuals, many people who have clusters of pimples or acne breakouts also recommend it.

Image: Mecca

The lotion goes on bubblegum pink, quickly drying to an almost chalky consistency, which is great as you don't have to worry about wiping it off or smudging all over your face.

It honestly doesn't feel like you have anything on your face - which I can confirm as I have left the house on a number of occasions oblivious to the pink spots all over my face.

The ideal time to apply it is at night (before your moisturiser) to let it zap your zips while you sleep. The pink marks will usually have disappeared too.

While the bottle might seem small for $24, a little goes a long way and the powerful combination of fast-acting ingredients mean pimples don't stick around for long. It's great for spots on your neck and back too.

After being recommended it myself, I've since convinced several friends it's worth a purchase - and the word just keeps on spreading.

Have you tried it? What did you think?