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Someone asked Mariah Carey about James Packer. Her response was Mariah at her very best.

Remember that time Mariah Carey and James Packer broke off their engagement—a whole eight months ago?

It seems a group of reporters conveniently forgot that during a recent interview with the 47-year-old singer.

And her response was nothing short of legendary. Seriously, it’s up there with the time she claimed she “didn’t know” who Jennifer Lopez is.


The star—who has been in an on/off relationship with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka since her split with the Aussie billionaire—was repeatedly asked about her ex-fiancé’s connection to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why bother Mimi with such questions, you ask?

Because Packer is linked to an ongoing corruption investigation involving the Israeli leader, who is accused of accepting lavish gifts from the businessman.

The couple broke up eight months ago. Image via Getty.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Packer has been wanted since March by Israeli police for questioning. There is no suggestion of any wrong-doing on Packer's part, but the law forbids elected officials in Israel from receiving gifts.

Israeli media have reported that the 49-year-old billionaire and Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan gave Netanyahu and his family hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts, including cigars, champagne, luxury hotel rooms—and tickets to one of Mariah's shows.


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It's believed Packer has agreed to be questioned in relation to the investigation.

But while it's been months since their breakup, reporters seemed convinced that Mariah has been keeping Packer's whereabouts a secret and continually asked her to reveal what she knows about the ongoing investigation.

"I don't really pay attention to politics, darling," she told a reporter who noted that the Prime Minister was "in trouble" after her last visit to the country.

mariah carey new year's eve
Mariah has NO TIME to bother out such things as politics, dolls. Image via Getty.

Another reporter straight out asked her where her ex—mind you, her ex of eight months—was hiding out.

"I don't know where the motherf***** is!" she replied, adding, "How am I supposed to know? I don't know."

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She eventually, however, did offer up a possible location for her billionaire ex: "Somewhere...doing something..."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the exact attitude we should all have when asked about our exes.