Fans are losing their minds over Mariah Carey's "horrible" photoshop job.

Poor Mariah Carey. She just wants to show off some pie and celebrate the holidays but has instead she has been laid into by her social media followers.

Currently in Hawaii with her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their young twins Monroe and Moroccan to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the self-labelled elusive chanteuse uploaded a photo of herself proudly displaying a dessert pie in one hand and clutching a can of whipped cream in the other on Friday.

The only problem is, the photo is showing some obvious signs of photoshopping.

That's some serious photoshop fail. Source: Instagram.

Really, really badly photoshopping. And her 4.5 million followers wasted no time in pointing it out.

"Photoshop gone wrong," one Instagrammer wrote.

"Nice photoshopping. What's wrong with the cupboard between your legs and the mirror, right side of the photo bottom part of mirror?" another asked.

Looking closely at the image, warps can be seen in the mirror and cupboard behind 46-year-old Carey - clear signs of photoshopping. Part of the reality star's arm also appears to be missing.

"The person who took this pic did a horrible job," one Instagram user wrote, with another adding, "better luck next time girl!"

But in true Mariah style, she seems to be shaking it off to focus on family, and the upcoming release of her docuseries, Mariah's World, which is set to be released in December.

Carey spoke about the series to talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the week, and the fact that footage of her preparing to marry her now ex-fiance, James Packer, is included.

“I think I’m doing well," Carey said when asked about the breakup by DeGeneres. “No, I’m actually…Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are.”

Stay fabulous, Mimi.

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