Mariah Carey blames her New Year's Eve disaster on an act of "sabotage."

After facing a day of online ridicule for her disastrous New Year’s Eve countdown performance, elusive chanteuse and ultimate diva Mariah Carey has responded to the haters.

The diva is now claiming the fail was all part of a grand plan by producers trying to “get Mariah drama”.

“Shit happens,” Carey tweeted in response to her two-song set at the Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve 2017 celebration that saw the star stand on stage refusing to sing.

“Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here’s to making more headlines in 2017,” her New Years Day tweet continued.

Performing at New York’s iconic Times Square countdown on Saturday, 46-year-old Carey was scheduled to deliver two of her biggest hit songs, Emotions and We Belong Together to a crowd of thousands.

But due to technical difficulties, was unable to hear her own song track.

Rather than battle on hopelessly, Carey simply remained on stage with her mouth closed and her hand on her hip, waiting for the track to play out.

“Well, Happy New Year,” Carey said to the crowd. “We can’t hear, but I’ll just go through the motions. I’m trying to be a good sport here.”

Following the performance, criticism began to pour in thick and fast on Twitter.

“ISIS just took responsibility for Mariah Carey’s performance,’’ one user wrote.

“Was the final death of 2016 Mariah Carey’s career?” another asked.

“On a scale of 1 to Mariah Carey, how much do you hate your New Years Eve?” one Tweeter joked.

But following the debacle, Carey’s camp are now claiming the set was an act of sabotage.

mariah carey new year's eve
So done with the year that was 2016. Source: Getty.

According to TMZ, Carey and her team had made Dick Clark Production executives aware of the issue hours before the performance, with Carey unable to hear properly during an interview with host Ryan Seacrest and during a stage test just four minutes before the performance.

She was however reassured by executives that everything would be fine because the microphones would be operating on a different frequency.

The teleprompter, which displays lyrics and stage cues for performers, also wasn't working, according to Carey's camp.

Combined, the team is now seeing the performance issues as an act of "sabotage", with executives planning the disastrous performance in order to "get Mariah drama."

Poor performance or not, though, there's something seriously perfect about Mariah Carey hopelessly telling a crowd of thousands, "it just doesn't get any better" and turning her back on the year that was 2016.

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