FLUFF: Mariah Carey's next business venture is crazy.

Mariah Carey continues to be bat-shit crazy, and we love it so much we could cry glitter all over our Mariah-fan faces.

The 44-year-old pop diva — who recently made a habit of wearing extravagant ball gowns on the subway and to the park with her kids — has a new business venture.

Ready for it?

Mariah Carey’s releasing a Mariah Carey themed soft drink, and the best part is it’s “interactive” and “melodic”.

Yeah, we have no idea what that means either, but we can’t wait for MC’s explanation. So far what we can gather is that she’s made this sugary drink called “Butterfly” and it’s interactive because you can scan a code on the packaging that will download and play Mariah’s music. Plus behind-the-scenes videos and access to her social media accounts.

Food bloggers have described the taste as “horrible” and “like liquid gummy bears” but Mariah is not discouraged. But you can down a beverage sweeter than Mariah’s soul while listening to the pop diva’s angelic voice, so obviously we’re on board.

Here’s her glowing endorsement of the canned magic:

“I actually like the drink! The truth of the matter is its good. I’m not lying!”

We only have one question: How can we make this happen on every single food item or beverage we ever consume?

And one simple observation: Girlfriend did try and tell us she wanted a drink:

We’ll pre-order 500, thanks.

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