FLUFF: Mariah Carey can't stop wearing ball gowns in public.

Mariah Carey can’t stop, won’t stop wearing extravagant ball gowns in public.

The 44-year-old singer — one of the world’s greatest known divas — has been spotted wearing floor-length gowns on the subway and in the park with her kids.

The only conceivable explanation is this: She’s Mariah Carey. Girlfriend does whatever she wants, and the world lets her because… Well, she’s Mariah.

Here she is, pushing her kids on the swings at the park:

Note, especially, the single black leather glove on her right hand – in homage to Michael Jackson, we assume.

Here’s Mariah on the subway, just chilling in a turquoise dress.

This time, two fingerless gloves that appear to be made of metallic silver fabric.

Here she is just interacting with some normal subway-riding business folk:

And an impromptu fashion shoot on the streets on New York.

Tyra Banks would be so proud of how Mariah has used her natural urban surroundings to make a high fashion set.

Oh, Mariah. Never change. Never, ever change.

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