Mariah Carey and James Packer's wedding has been put on hold 'indefinitely'.

Our new favourite couple (because who doesn’t love saying ‘Maracker‘) were set to walk down the aisle sometime soon.

But despite being completely smitten with each other, it looks like there could be a little bit of trouble in paradise, as reports claim their wedding has been put on hold ‘indefinitely’.

According to the SMH, James Packer’s mum is less than impressed by her future daughter-in-law.

A very reliable, unnamed source told the paper that “they are very different women” after it emerged that while James’ mother, Ros, may be at the wedding of the century, his sister and nephews and nieces would not.

But they loo so in love! Image via Instagram.

Apparently, the glamorous couple have also been at heads over James’ smoking habits, as well as their very busy schedules.

Mariah also recently ruled out James’ appearance on her new reality TV show, citing that he is a ‘legit businessman’ to the New York Times.

But we really hope Maracker can see all of this through and live happily ever after. Because the two of them just work, and I also love saying ‘Maracker’ way too much. #MarackerForever

In one of her performances, Mariah event referred to her beau as her ‘hero’:

Video via TMZ