Hey Jimmy Fallon, that is not how you pronounce Bondi Beach.

You want Margot Robbie on your team for most things.

Need a Brooklyn accent like the one she nailed in the Wolf of Wall Street? She can do.

Want her to wear your dress to the Oscars and steal the show? She did.

Want her to read your lips while you’re doing a terrible Australian accent? She probably can’t.

Robbie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and took part in his Whisper Challenge. It didn’t go so great.

The Australian actress made an effort to lip-read Jimmy Fallon while listening to loud music but found that despite boasting impressive acting talents, trying to decipher Fallon’s average Australian accent isn’t one to be added to her growing resume.

Which is fair enough really.

Hey, Fallon? It ain’t Bondy. It’s Bond-EYE.

Watch it for yourself: