Just an FYI: Margot Robbie is actually a 40-year-old woman named Jaime.

This, as any Australian worth their weight in Vegemite should know, is 27-year-old Margot Robbie:

margot robbie 2018
Image via Getty.

Robbie is winning the world over for her lead role in biopic I, Tonya, for which she's earned her very first Oscar nomination. She's also appeared in The Wolf Of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and got her start on that show we all watched as kids, but refuse to admit it, Neighbours.

She's the best, okay? She's just the best.

But this, dear readers, is NOT Margot Robbie, although you'd be forgiven for thinking so upon first glance.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T MARGOT ROBBIE? (Image: Joe Dirt/Columbia Picture)

This woman is actually Jaime Pressly, a 40-year-old actress and model who's made a name for herself in television sitcoms like My Name Is Earl and Mom and has appeared in movies like Not Another Teen Movie and Joe Dirt.

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While Google and Wikipedia tell us that Jaime and Margot are two entirely different people, we're not the internet isn't so convinced...



Because, let's face it, the two are practically IDENTICAL:

margot robbie Jaime Pressly
margot robbie Jaime Pressly
margot robbie Jaime Pressly

But before we get too carried away with this whole ~~conspiracy~~ it's worth nothing that the two actors were recently photographed in the same place, at the same time, in the SAME picture, proving they are very much two separate humans with separate brains and personalities.

margot robbie Jaime Pressly
Two. Separate. Humans. (And Allison Janney, of course). Image via Getty.

Our suspicions have been sufficiently quelled.

... For now.

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