Margot Robbie made her first SNL appearance, but it was her T-shirt that got everyone talking.

Margot Robbie made her debut on American comedy show Saturday Night Live last night, and she didn’t miss the opportunity to promote the cause of marriage equality in Australia.

Although her speaking parts were restricted to comedic sound bites (including a particularly spot-on impression of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka), the Australian actress let her “Say ‘I Do’ Down Under” T-shirt do the talking.

The shirt Margot wore was recently designed by Kylie Minogue’s fiance, Joshua Sasse, for pro-marriage equality group Australians 4 Equality.

Since the US legalised same-sex marriage in all fifty states last year, Margot’s statement was certainly intended to draw (unfavourable) comparisons between Australia and America.

As far as we’re concerned, anything that furthers the cause of marriage equality is a huge win – and if you can do it on an international platform, then that’s even better!

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