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1. Man who believed his wife was flirting with other men, so he beat her to death with a broomstick, found not guilty.

The 58-year-old husband of Sydney woman Margaret Tannous has been found not guilty of her death by reason of mental insanity.

George Tannous beat his wife to death in their Bankstown home with a broomstick after she asked for a divorce on February 17, 2014.

He called an ambulance for her as she lay dying  telling paramedics: “I hit her because she made me mad.”

Mrs Tannous had told police her husband was stalking her in 2012, and he had “threatened to kill her if she terminated the relationship”.

She took steps to take out an apprehended domestic violence order against him, but withdrew her application soon after making it.

A forensic psychiatrist testified that Tannous has limited insight into what he had done and his behaviour was consistent with the symptoms of a psychotic illness reports The Daily Telegraph.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Crown prosecutor Terry Thorpe told the court Mr Tannous was “overwhelmingly preoccupied and angry about his wife’s supposed acts of infidelity”. He was obsessed with beliefs she was sleeping with her cousin, he was unhappy she shared an office with a man and once confronted a carpenter working in their home.

Despite evidence showing she had never conducted any such liaisons. NSW Supreme Court judge Jane Mathews found Mr Tannous not guilty of murder by reason of mental illness following a judge-alone trial that lasted less than one hour.

The son of Mrs Tannous Elie Boukarim told Fairfax Media that his mother was “my angel my life my queen the closest person to me”, saying she had spent 18 years suffering in a marriage that most women would have “let go” after three months. ”

Everything in this world you sacrificed for me and my sister you lived for us you worked for us everything you did was for us and I’m so proud to be called your son,” he said.

2. Mother and baby fighting for life after golf buggy crash on Hamilton Island.

A golf bugging transporting holidaymakers around Hamilton Island has crashed leaving a nine-month-old baby fighting for her life along with her mother.

The Courier Mail reports the baby was sitting on her mother’s lap while her family were being driven to the island’s airport by a local employee.

Four adults, one toddler and another infant were injured when the golf buggy, towing a luggage trailer, crashed into a parked golf cart on the Great Northern Highway about 8.20am yesterday.


Inspector Steve O’Connell described the scene of the accident as chaotic. “There was about 40 people providing paramedic, doctor and first-aid care to the people injured,’’ Insp O’Connell said.

3. Amber alert after boy goes missing.

Koby Chandler missing. Image via QLD Police Media.

#‎BREAKING: THERE are reports 7-year-old Koby Chandler has been found safe and well after a lengthy search in Queensland. More details coming soon.

An amber alert has been issued after a seven-year-old boy disappeared from his home on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon.

An urgent appeal for public assistance to find Koby Chandler was made by Queensland Police about midnight.

A massive search is underway with police helicopters, SES volunteers and neighbours searching Southport where Koby was last seen at 4pm.

Koby is described as being 120-125cm tall, with blond shaved hair, and was last seen wearing a Southport Sate School uniform of a light blue polo shirt, dark blue shorts and grey shoes. Anyone with information should contact Triple 0.

4. Private school head apologises for anti-semitic slurs during school game.

The headmaster of an Eastern Suburbs Sydney private school has apologised to the students of a Jewish school after his students chanted anti-Semitic slurs during a football game.

The boys from Reddam House shouted “f—ing Jews” at year eight players from Moriah College reports The Australian Jewish News.


According to the report the Reddam boys also chanted “Jew FC” and before the match played a game where money was thrown into the middle of the huddle and someone had to grab it while being punched and kicked.

Principal Dave Pitcairn apologised to the Moriah students saying his students’ actions as “appalling”, but said it was an isolated incident of stupidity rather than any religious or racial vilification”.

The AJN reports that seven of the 10 Reddam offenders are actually Jewish. Principal Dave Pitcairn told The AJN the boys were “oblivious to the offensive nature of the game they were playing”.

“The negative stereotyping it involved escaped them. The composition of the Reddam team includes seven Jewish students and it defies belief that they were part of this behaviour,” he said. “

Following my discussion with them, there is an understanding of how inappropriate and appalling their behaviour was,” “I am convinced that this is an isolated incident of stupidity rather than any religious or racial vilification, and have never come across this game before in my 16 years as principal of Reddam House.”

5. “You don’t touch a man’s wife.” Bill Brownless opens up.

Footballer Billy Brownless has spoken about the hurt and betrayal he felt finding out his long-time friend and colleague Garry Lyon was having an affair with his ex-wife.

“You don’t touch a man’s wallet — you don’t touch his wife,” Brownless told fellow Footy Show host Sam Newman last night

. He said he initially felt angry. “You want to do something,” he said. “I went home that night and shot off a couple of texts to Garry and to Nicky … and then after a couple of days you get embarrassed, because it’s bloody hard to talk about

. “Now I’m just disappointed because a good mate wouldn’t do that.” Brownless said the pair, who have worked together for several years and have been very good mates for a long time, probably won’t be friends again.

“That’s what hurts you the most,” he said. “There’s a bit of lying going on there and there’s a bit of behind the back stuff, and that’s what hurts you the most, just being untruthful.”

6. Mother throws newborn and toddler off balcony after apartment fire.

A 27-year-old woman has thrown her baby and toddler off a balcony to escape a fire – and luckily into the rescuing arms of a passerby.

The woman from the Sydney suburb of Lakemba was forced to throw her two-day-old and two-year-old from a two-storey window after her unit caught fire.


Police say the fire started in the Lakemba unit when the 27-year-old woman was cooking in her kitchen at about 9.30pm.

Senior Constable Jamie Wallace said a passerby below came to their aid. “She ended up dropping the two kids out the window and he caught them,” Snr Const Wallace said. T

he children were uninjured and the woman was rescued from the window shortly afterwards. The Good Samaritan who rescued the children is being praised as a hero.

7. Newborn baby dies falling off mum’s lap as she is gang raped on a bus in front of her 3-year old.

A newborn baby in India has died after falling off his mother’s lap when she was reportedly attacked and gang raped on a bus by the conductor and his accomplice.

The 28-year-old woman was on the bus with her 15-day-old son  and three-year-old daughter when she was attacked.

A Police spokesman said both men had been arrested and charged with gang rape and culpable homicide. Yamuna Prasad told The Khalee Times “Her child had been sick for some time and she went to visit her sister to meet a tantrik [a Buddhist healer]. She was returning when she met the two accused at the bus station. She was allegedly raped inside the bus at the bus station. Later, she found her child dead.”

The attack is just one of several recently reported cases of rape against women or children in India. Earlier this week a 15-year-old girl died after being raped and set on fire in New Delhi.

 8. State looks at lowering kindergarten starting age to three and a half.

LittleGirlSchool iStock Feat FB
As it stands, Tasmania has the oldest minimum school starting age. Image via IStock.

A plan to lower the kindergarten age to three and a half in Tasmania has parents unhappy.

From 2020, the State Government wants the compulsory school start age lowered to four and a half, and kindergarten, to three and a half.

As it stands, Tasmania has the oldest minimum school starting age.

One mother told the ABC that it was too young. Mother of two young children, Sarah Bodel said “My son now, he’s two and a half. I imagine in 12 months’ time he’s still going to want to go and play and run in the mud, rather than sit down in a classroom and learn,”

“There’s going to be added pressure on the parents and for the children, getting the child ready for learning, reading, writing, and the stress of having a parent do that,” she said.

“People who may have a child in kindergarten now and a child start when this takes place, it’s really going to affect them, the stress on the parent specifically.”

The draft legislation will be open for public comment until May.

9. Stars of Instagram compete in world famous show.

More than 22,000 competitors, including six made famous by their popular Instagram account are competing at the world famous Crufts. The world famous canine event has begun in the UK with stars like Winny a Pembroke Welsh corgi in contention for the glory.

???????????? @kclovesdogs #crufts125

A photo posted by Winston (@winnythecorgi) on


  The owner of Bruno, two-year-old miniature dachshund with more than 66,000 Instagram followers said many people have bought tickets just to see him.

MONDAYS – EURGH! ???????? #givingmondaythestinkeye #saynotomondays   A photo posted by Bruno (@brunotheminidachshund) on

“Sometimes I put up a photo and it’s just a photo of him in our house and it gets thousands of ‘likes’” she told ITV.

“So far he seems to be enjoying himself.” The world’s biggest dog show celebrates its 125th birthday this year.

The winners don’t actually pocket any cash but a replica of the solid silver Keddall Memorial Trophy and £100. But it’s worth way more in sponsorship deals and stud fees, as puppies from winners can fetch thousands.

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