Matt Preston cancels radio interview after Marco Pierre White Jr's "disgraceful" attack.

Matt Preston cancelled an interview on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show after Marco Pierre White Jr targeted him with a vicious and threatening Twitter rant.

However, the 22-year-old appeared on the show instead, and apologised after publicly slamming Masterchef judge Matt Preston over comments he made about his Big Brother UK antics last year.

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On Sunday, the model and sex toy maker weighed into an unresolved feud between his father Marco Pierre White, and his former colleague.

White Jr was seemingly alerted to Preston’s comments (made during a Kyle and Jackie O radio interview in June) after his father told News Corp that Preston was the reason the British chef left Masterchef for Channel Seven’s Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

In a vicious Twitter rant on Monday which has since been deleted, White labelled the food critic a “knob head”, threatened to slap him and told him he’d lose “your job, your wife and the place you used to call home”.

“Matt Preston from master chef has never met me what a c–t if I ever cross paths with the fat f–k I’ll slap him up in front of his family,” one tweet read.


Preston was scheduled to appear on the radio show where the trouble started on Tuesday, but cancelled due to Masterchef filming duties, according to a publicist for KIIS 1065 Sydney’s Kyle and Jackie O show.

Instead, Marco Pierre White Junior featured instead and during the interview apologised for the “disgraceful” tweets.

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“For someone who never met me to comment I thought was quite disgusting, personally, but I shouldn’t have said what I said,” he told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson.

“I was angry at the time, but I shouldn’t have said what I said that’s why I deleted them.

“I’m happy that I’ve got this opportunity to apologise on air to his family and him.”

White, who has just launched a collection of sex toys, said he hadn’t spoken to his parents about the tweets, but assumed they wouldn’t have been proud.

Matt Preston told News Corp last week that he and White senior were attempting to resolve their dispute.

“I have the greatest respect for Marco Pierre White having had a professional relationship with Marco for the past five years,” he said.

“Marco has already reached out to me to organise a sit down to clear the air.”