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Weird celeb couple news: Marcia from The Brady Bunch used to date Michael Jackson.

This is an ex-celebrity couple that really had us scratching our heads.

American Actress Maureen McCormick (anyone over 25 will know her as Marcia from The Brady Bunch) is currently surviving starring on the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity … Get me out of Here!

So far, the actress has succeeded in lying low. But that all changed last night when she revealed a very unexpected childhood sweetheart … Michael Jackson.

marcia brady michael jackson
The Jackson 5 visiting the set of The Brady Bunch in 1970. Image via Tumblr.

“We used to go roller skating,” the 58-year-old star told her fellow camp mates.


“I used to go over to their house all the time. We held hands. Kisses on the cheeks, never on the lips.”

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McCormick was the older woman in this short-lived relationship. The pair, who were already stars in their own right, dated when she was 14 and Jackson was 12.

“He was so cute, he loved our show,” she said.

“He was so sweet and very shy and just in wonderment at so many things. I think he was in a different world because I don’t think he could go out really, because he probably would just get mauled.”

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McCormick said they pair “never officially broke up” and that she just went on to date “a million” other people, including comedian Steve Martin and Barry Williams, who played her on-screen brother, Greg Brady.

Images via Tumblr.

“Michael Jackson’s music has always been some of my favourite,” McCormick added.

“I grew up with them (The Jacksons). I used to hang at the house and hang out with Michael. We would talk a lot and dream a lot and I think we admired each other.”

Well, that’s kinda cute.

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