"I will not lower my voice." 22 of the best signs from women's protests around Australia.

After weeks of watching sexual assault allegations come out of the nation's Parliament, thousands of women have taken to the streets with one clear message: "Enough is enough!"  

On Monday 15 March, 100,000 women were expected to have attended more than 40 March 4 Justice rallies across the country to protest against sexism and gendered violence.

In Canberra, women gathered with placards outside Parliament House, where a petition will be presented to the government calling for "full independent investigations into all cases of gendered violence" and the standing down of "perpetrators" from positions in policy and law making, among other demands. 

Former Liberal Party staffer Brittany Higgins, who alleged she was raped by a male colleague, also addressed crowds at Canberra, while Australian of the Year and sexual assault survivor Grace Tame delivered a speech down in Hobart. 

Earlier this morning, March 4 Justice organiser Janine Hendry declined an invitation from Prime Minister Scott Morrison for organisers to meet with him privately, saying these conversations shouldn't take place behind closed doors. 

"We have already come to the front door, now it's up to the Government to cross the threshold and come to us. We will not be meeting behind closed doors," she wrote in a tweet. 


Across the world, women are just as angry. 

In London, hundreds of people gathered at a vigil for Sarah Everard and protested violence against women on Saturday, after Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens was charged with her kidnap and murder. The 33-year-old vanished on March 3 while walking home in London.

The event ended with clashes between police and those attending.

As women all over the world call for an end for gendered violence, we decided to round up the most powerful photos from all the protests.

Here are 22 of the best signs that sum up exactly how women are feeling right now. 

March 4 Justice rallies in Australia. 


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Enough is enough #March4Justiceau #EnoughisEnougth

— Amelia Yaron (@SlayAtHomeMum) March 15, 2021

Protests in London.

Women hold up placards outside the Senedd in Cardiff on March 13. Image: Getty. 


A woman holds up a placard as people gather at the band stand in Clapham Common, London on March 13. Image: Getty. 

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