Man posts marathon photo of his wife, and fails to notice an unfortunate detail.

Another day, another photobomb fail.

In the latest instalment of husbands trying (and failing) to pull off a romantic gesture, a proud husband in the UK posted this doozy to Twitter ahead of his wife running the London Marathon.

“Off to the #LondonMarathon today! Good luck to everyone running it! Rather you than me!! She is ready!” he tweeted.

And it would’ve been a sweet sentiment… had it not been for one, erm, crappy detail.

Unfortunately for the well-meaning husband, this is the kind of photobomb one can’t unsee.

Poop, der it is. (Image: Twitter)

We don't know who we feel more sorry for: the humans, or the poor doggo just trying to do his business in peace.

Have you ever posted a photobomb fail?