Crop tops, dirty street pies and conscious uncoupling... the slightly ridiculous obsessions of 2014.



In 2014, we began many sentences like this: “I am OBSESSED with…”

We spent a lot of time in this position:

Or this:

And yes, at other times, like this:

And that’s because we’ve had so many things to obsess over this year: celebrity elevator fights, divorce rumours, missing planes, buckets of ice, Princess Elsa costumes, exposed nipples, famous bottoms, royal babies, red weddings, secret weddings, cult haircuts, hashtags, and good TV.

And because everyone loves a bit of nostalgia right about now, we’ve compiled a list of our biggest obsessions from 2014.

We wouldn’t be so arrogant as to call it a comprehensive list — so, please, buy a cronut, play Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off,’ watch an episode of Game of Thrones, and add your own obsessions below.

In no particular order… The things we’ve been obsessed with in 2014. 


1. The Jay Z – Solange Knowles elevator fight

What the hell was that? Remember?


2. ‘Let It Go’ from the Disney movie Frozen

Don’t even try and pretend it was just children who were into this song.



3. That time wicked-ly talented John Travolta gave Idina Menzel a new name


4. The ice bucket challenge

It was for an extremely important cause — to raise money for the condition ALS, which we call Motor Neuron Disease. But it also meant a lot of famous people got drenched in ice cold water.


5. Pharrell’s hat

Oh, that giant hat.


6. Gone Girl

Would it be as good as the book? Was Ben Affleck the right guy to play Nick? Did everyone lose their mind when his penis made a shower cameo?


7. Wedding pants

Cheers to Amal Alamuddin Clooney for this particular trend.

But when Solange Knowles got married, she saw Amal’s wedding pants and raised her a wedding jumpsuit.

While we’re on the topic of wedding garments, Honourable Mention to Olivia Palermo’s wedding cardigan:


8. Kate Middleton coming to Australia

What colour dress would she get off the plane wearing? Would her professional butt-minder prevent us from seeing her underwear? Would Prince George throw up on any outfits? All the answers to these and more:



9. The renaissance of Matthew McConaughey

True Detective. Dallas Buyers Club. Interstellar. His Oscars Acceptance Speech. That man made a serious comeback as a serious actor man this year.


10. Crop tops, oh god, crop tops

So many midriffs, so little time.


11. Long bobs AKA “Lobs”

This one‘s thanks to Lauren Conrad, Karlie Kloss, and Alexa Chung.


12. Dirty Street Pie #dirtystreetpie

For that matter, everything Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure did or said.


13. Rosie Waterland’s Bachelor recaps

Far and away the most successful posts on Mamamia this year — and a hilarious cult-like phenomenon. Wednesday nights have not been the same since they ended.

They are ALL HERE. 


14. Everyone taking Game of Thrones deadly seriously

Very dragon. Such serious. Much red wedding.


15. Kim Kardashian’s ass

Actually, just asses in general.


16. Hot mugshot guy

Under arrest for being too sexy.


17. The best selfie ever taken

/ best product placement ever done.



18. Lupita N’yongo’s red carpet style

Nailed it every goddamn time.


19. Nipples, nipples, nipples


20. The Apparently Kid

Later known at the Seriously Kid.

21. The game 2048


22. The News Corp Watermark on the James Packer Bondi brawl photos

Hey does anyone know who these ph0tos belong to?


23. The podcast 8 million people listen to

True crime show Serial – told one episode at a time by Sarah Koenig. Listen to them all here.

24. The hashtag #YesAllWomen

25. Conscious uncoupling

And unconscious coupling. And all forms of decoupling and uncoupling and recoupling. Thanks for that one Gwynnie.

26. Tinder

Need we say more?

What were you obsessed with in 2014?