"What if men had periods?"

This new parody ad is putting the ‘men’ into menstruation.

Any woman who has found herself curled into the foetal position, cursing her cramping lady-parts knows that periods can be a bloody nuisance.

Not only do we have to fork out money for sanitary pads and tampons each month, but we also have to endure the indignity of terrible advertising campaigns for them. Tampons soaked in blue-liquid, smug white-skirt wearing super models waltzing around spouting euphemisms… it’s enough to make you see red.

And men just don’t get it. But what if they had to? What if men had periods too?

A news spoof ad for ‘manpons’ asks just that and invokes all the clichéd manliness of a Gillette commercial in the process.

Watch it here (post continues after video):

The great thing about this ad though — other than being hilarious, obviously — is that it’s actually a PSA for WaterAid a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing access to clean water and sanitation to some of the world’s most impoverished communities.

“If men had periods they would be considered a sign of virility, men would brag about them on Facebook, #imonmyperiod would probably trend regularly on twitter, and tampon adverts would be fronted by celebrities,” the description on the video reads.

“We’ve launched our ‘If Men Had Periods’ campaign to raise awareness of the 1.25 billion women around the world who do not have access to a toilet during their periods. We are calling on people to sign our ‘Make it Happen’ petition to help get women the dignity they deserve.”

The can sign the petition and find out more about WaterAid here.

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