The peculiar manicure photo that is baffling the internet.

It doesn’t take much to post photos on social media, but it does take a lot for said image to take the internet by surprise and become a viral sensation.

One Twitter user, known only as Vicky, has found herself the centre of a social media storm after seemingly innocently posting an image to Twitter about her new manicure.

This was the photo in question:

Assuming she wasn’t a four-fingered mammal, many were quick to question where the hell any remnant of her fifth finger was?

“This messed me up for a quick minute,” one user replied before the photo was retweeted over 4,000 times.

Listen: The Royal Family are only allowed to wear a single shade of nail polish. Post continues after audio. 

“There’s something missing, and I just can’t put a finger on it,” another replied.

“I was looking at this for so long and trying to figure out what was wrong and then I realised,” another tweeted.

Other Twitter users were quick to jump on her bandwagon, posting their own imitations of the four-fingered photo.

After one user was desperate to find out what all this “sorcery was,” Vicky told BuzzFeed News the photo came about because she is double-jointed and had posted it as a joke between friends.

She admitted she had no idea the photo would gain the kind of traction it did and that she doesn’t understand the large number of French people who began tweeting her and asking about it all in French. “I don’t even find the pic funny no more [sic],” she told BuzzFeed.

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