Mum of Manchester victim relives the final moments before her daughter slipped away.

Georgina Callander, 18, was one of the first victims identified following the Manchester bombings at the Arianda Grande concert last week.

Now, her mother, Lesley Callander, has spoken about the anguish of trying to keep her daughter alive.

Georgina was a superfan. She had seen Grande live before, and had even met the superstar in person.

Her mum had dropped her at the concert last Sunday night, not knowing it would be the last time she’d see her daughter alive.

“She was on a stretcher and they were doing resuscitation,” Lesley from Lancashire in the UK reportedly told ITV News.

She had been searching desperately for Georgina after arriving at the Arena and hearing about the blast.


“I was just screaming and shouting at her. I was rubbing her hand, her tummy and her face.”

“All the images are so vivid now. I can see everything,” Lesley said, shutting her eyes.

Heartbreakingly, Lesley also spoke about how excited her daughter had been to attend the concert that night.

“She kept texting me, telling me her tummy was turning over,” Mrs Callander said. “She was so, so excited.”

‘I took some photos of [Georgina and her friend] together before they went into the concert and gave them a big hug and said, ‘just have an amazing time’.”