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This man's been sending his ex-girlfriend the same message every morning for three years.

While most ordinary people consider storing their phone in an ice cream bucket of water for the duration of a nasty break up, one man — one petty, petty man — has set an alarm to remind him to text his ex. Every morning. At a quarter to eight.

Known only as “Picasso” on Twitter, this particular man sends his the ex-girlfriend a message to tell her he hates her every single day, and has done so for three years.



Perhaps if “Picasso” had put half the effort into making his partner happy when they were together she probably wouldn’t have dumped him, which she obviously did because no dump-er would ever cling so god-dang hard.

Anyway, after voluntarily exposing himself as the most childish harasser to ever incessantly harass someone by posting screenshots on social media, our text book example of How Not To Handle A Break Up was rightly chastised by his fellow Twitter users.

And wikiHow.


One hopes his ex-girlfriend has just put her sim into a burner phone so she never has to deal with this plainly jilted lover and he’s stuck for all eternity without ever being able to sleep in on a Sunday.