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Josh's girlfriend died. Then he proposed to her.

Just devastating.

A heartbroken young man has proposed to his girlfriend after she passed away.

British student Abigail Hall collapsed and died suddenly on Wednesday night, just a few days into her university course.

The blonde 18-year-old woman, from South Yorkshire in the UK, had been studying biomedical science at Sheffield Hallam university for less than a week when the tragedy struck.

Police said she was discovered around 7:35pm on Wednesday, and that no suspicious circumstances were involved.

Josh Thompson and Abigail Hall. (Photo: Facebook)

Ms Hall’s boyfriend Josh Thompson, 22, was teaching tennis in Greece when he went to chat to her via FaceTime.

When a friend answered the phone, he learned that Abigail had been found lifeless in her apartment, according to New York Daily News.

He immediately flew back from Corfu to the UK upon hearing the tragic news.

Josh Thompson and Abigail Hall on holiday together. (Photo: Facebook)

As he grappled with the unthinkable loss of his beloved partner, Mr Thompson thought of a way to commemorate their relationship beyond the grave: An engagement.

He had planned to propose to Abigail next year — so he asked her parents for permission, then bought a ring and slipped it onto her finger.

“Abigail Hall and I are now engaged,” a heartbroken Mr Thompson announced on his public Facebook profile on Friday. “She is my life.”

He also shared a photo of Ms Hall’s hand, the solitaire diamond band clearly visible on her ring finger.

The image of Abigail Hall’s hand wearing the engagement ring. (Photo: Facebook)

“Everything we did felt real, she would always be there with a smile on her face, and she could never do enough for me,” an emotional Mr Thompson added.


“Words cannot express the love that I have for her, she was the reason I would wake up in the morning.

“We connected so well, from the moment she tripped on an escalator in the Shard after one too many, to having the most hilarious sunburn after driving through France with the roof down.”

He signed off: “There’s no one else I would want to share my life with.

“I love you Panda. I will always love you baby.”

Our thoughts are with Mr Thompson, as well as Ms Hall’s family.