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Renewed fears for woman who was tortured by ex, left her for dead in shipping container.

Trigger warning: this post contains graphic details of domestic violence and physical assault. 

A woman who was bound, raped and tortured by her ex-boyfriend and left for dead in a shipping container now faces the frightening prospect of his early release.

On a night in November 2012, 17-year-old Nikitah Beadman went to a party in Tallai, south-east Queensland, to try to mend her relationship with her abusive partner Robert Galleghan.

Instead, she was the victim of a horrific attack and left trapped in a shipping container, where she would have died if not for the two police officers who found her.

“I knew what was going to happen,” she later told A Current Affair. “He always said he’d bury me out there.”

The young woman described the horrific attack to host Tracey Grimshaw in Thursday night’s program.

“He laid me down on a trolley… he ripped off my undies and shoved them down my throat, tied them through my mouth and through my cheeks with wire and also tied my neck to the back of the trolley,” she said.

Nikitah Beadman is fearful of her ex-boyfriend's release. (Image via A Current Affair.)

Beadman confirmed that Galleghan had raped her with wire, adding it was "not in a sexual way, it was more a torture way so I couldn't have kids".

Galleghan was charged with torture, common assault and threatening violence. He pleaded guilty to the attack and was sentenced to eight years jail, set to be imprisoned until 2021.


However, Beadman recently learned that her attacker has lodged an appeal that could see him released "almost immediately", according to A Current Affair.

Robert Galleghan could soon be released. (Image via A Current Affair.)

The program reports that Galleghan has appealed to be removed from the Serious Violent Offenders list.

His presence on the list ensured that he would serve at least 80 per cent of his jail term, but if he is removed he could be paroled early.

Beadman said she was terrified of his release and was convinced that he would hurt somebody again.

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"He's going to be pretty disturbed I think," Beadman said.

"I think he should just stay where he is for now. Doing those acts again probably won't really be as traumatic for him as it was the first time.

"It's happened before it will happen again."

A Current Affair reports that Galleghan's appeal has been adjourned for now.

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