Does this man deserve his Harry Potter DVDs back?

Nomi and Robert. A love story for the ages.

Break-ups are hard. Especially the awkward ‘exchange back of stuff’ moments that can’t be avoided. And even more especially when the person you thought you were dating insists that you actually weren’t dating. And even more awkward than that when the person you were dating is a professional stripper who thinks you’re confused about the exchange of goods and services, and who really, really likes your Harry Potter DVDs.

That’s the exact situation poor 32-year-old Robert Wallace has found himself in.

Robert says he was dating local stripper Nomi Mims. Nomi says Robert is confused and that they were only ‘dating’, if ‘dating’ means he was paying her to do her job.

Nomi says Robert gave her cash, a laptop and the Harry Potter DVDs as gifts. Robert says they were loans and now that he’s not in love with her anymore, he’s suing her to get it all back.

Nomi is holding strong though. She told FOX News: “I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to pay anybody back. I’ve given him gifts too. You know, how do I get my booty and boobs back?”

Hmmm. Fair point.

“No refunds in the strip club,” she added. “I’ve even had people come up in there asking, ‘Oh, can I get a dance,’ and they’ll pay me back next week. We ain’t got no lay away plans either.”

For more on the sad broken tale of a great love that could have been, watch the news report on Nomi and Robert right here:

Love hurts.

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