A woman received death threats after posting a video of her sexual assault.

Andrea Noel was sexually harassed while walking down the street in Mexico City.

CCTV footage shows the American freelance journalist falling to the ground after a man rushed up behind her and tried to pull her underwear off.

The 27-year-old called out the abuse online, sharing a video of the incident on her Twitter account.

Rather than finding sympathy, however, she was bombarded with even more abuse.

Trolls called her a “wh*re”, “feminazi” and vowed they would rape her.

She described the attacks as terrifying, not least because people threatened to kill her, but also because the authorities have not helped her.

“I never thought I’d be threatened with murder for defending my right to walk safely in the street. There have literally been thousands of people telling me they will rape, torture and kill me, and all it takes is one psycho to actually do the deed,” she told the Mail Online.

She says she encountered many forms of abuse since moving to Mexico, just a week earlier a man masturbated while following her home.

“When I got home the man shouted at me that I was a b*tch, and strolled off,” she said.

“I’ve had my chin slashed, my nose broken and my forehead severely scarred by Mexican muggers. That’s why I decided to make an issue of getting my skirt pulled down in the street. As the guy ran off I said to myself, after three years of this harassment, ‘not this time’.”