Twins who survived premature birth help their father ask a very special question.

Earlier this year, little Brea and Belle Purnell were fighting for their lives in hospital, relying on machines to help them eat and breathe.

Four months on, having made a complete and remarkable recovery, it was their dad relying on them for help, help to ask their mum a very important question.

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Brea and Belle's arrival in to the world was dramatic and premature - nine weeks premature.

Leaking waters had lead Sian Edwards to take a trip to the hospital for a checkup. It was there, in the hospital bathroom, that the Welsh woman went in to labour.

“I was scared, as they’d said that ideally they wanted my babies to get to 32 weeks," Sain said, as reported in The Sun.

“Before that I’d been told there was a chance that they could be premature, or I could miscarry, because of me suffering from inflammatory arthritis.”

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After seven hours of contractions, Brea began crowning and Sian was rushed to theatre for an emergency delivery.

“I didn’t get to hold Brea,” Sian said. “She needed help with her breathing so was taken to the special care unit. Lee [Sian's parnter] got to hold Bella for a moment – but then she was taken too.”

It would be an entire day before she could hold her little girls in her arms.

“When I did, it was scary," she said. "They were so small and were covered in wires monitoring them.”

man proposed using twin babies

Belle and Brea Purnell. Image: GoFundMe.

Specialist care helped the little girls return to full health within a matter of months. Relieved and grateful, Lee Purnell decided it was time to make his little family complete.

The 28-year-old invited 20 close friends and family to a local pub and dressed his daughters in special outfits - vests that, together, read: "Mammy, will you marry Daddy?"

Dropping to one knee, the three of them proposed.

“They looked so sweet in their vests," said Sian, "I realised they had come so far."

Their stressful past behind them, the couple are now looking forward to their life together.

“I can’t wait to get married to Lee now. We think it will be in the summer 2018 and our girls are sure to play a big part of the day," she said. "They’ll be flower girls for us.”

Another spectacular proposal.

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