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Heartbroken mum stands by her son who killed his little brother with a potato peeler.

(Feature image: Jazzie Francis Watson via Facebook.)

A devastated mother has vowed to stand by her son after he was convicted of the murder of his younger brother.

Paula McNama watched as son Jazzie Francis Watson was given a life sentence – 11 years and 3 months jail – for murdering 17-year-old brother Shamus McNama in Bristol, UK.

The Sun reported Shamus was left dying in his mother’s arms after his 20-year-old half-brother Jazzie stabbed him in the neck with a potato peeler on February 28.

Shamus was taken to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Paula told the paper her convicted son Jazzie – known also as AJ – dissolved into tears during trial proceedings.

“AJ was crying his heart out in court,” said Paula.

“I looked at him and I whispered to him that I love him.”

“I am there 100 per cent for him. His life will never be the same again and I still love him so much.”

She described her youngest son’s death as a “horrible and stupid tragedy”.

Recorder of Bristol Judge Neil Ford QC said while jailing Jazzie his actions were fulled by an explosion of rage.

“It is plain that what you did was to act in an extremely violent way with a knife in an explosion of temper,” he said.

“You have deprived your mother of a son and your siblings of a brother. You have also added to your own mother’s grief by ruining your own life. The anguish which you have caused is immeasurable.”

Paula earlier said her son remained unable to face her due to his anguish. All she wanted was to hug him again, she said – even though that would be on a prison visit.

“He cannot face me yet and I don’t think he will be able to until he is sentenced, because he is just so broken,” she said, The Sun reports.

It was reported Shamus died after a fight broke out between him and his brother when they returned home from a party.

Jazzie grabbed a potato peeler from the kitchen and stabbed his brother before fleeing the scene.

Paula attempted CPR on her injured son but was unsuccessful.

Jazzie turned himself into police after his mother explained what happened after he left.

Paula said Jazzie and Shamus were raised together, alongside siblings Elischa, 28, Tyrone, 26, and Alannah, 5.