The Conjuring 2 is so terrifying someone died while watching it.

If you were stupid brave enough to see The Conjuring 2 (like I was), I have some news for you.

A man has died while watching the film.

Police have confirmed that the 65-year-old from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, started to have chest pains and then fainted, just as the movie reached one of its scariest parts. They haven’t, however, disclosed exactly which scene.

Was it the bit where the (creepy) little girl is watching TV and the ghost pops up from behind it and screams ‘MY HOUSE’? Or was it the part where all the crucifixes start turning upside down? Or was it that scene where the mum looks into the water – only to see the face of the ghost guy and be pulled under?

One word: Terrifying. Image via Warner Bros.

To make the whole thing even more freaky - the man's body has disappeared. When he was taken to hospital and pronounced dead, the man's friend was asked by hospital staff to take the body to a medical college for an autopsy, but has since gone missing with the body.


As a result, the cause of the man's death remains unknown, and many people have suggested it was the result of the paranormal activity in the horror movie.

This isn't the first incredibly creepy thing to happen to someone who has watched The Conjuring 2. 

About a week ago, a man took to Facebook to share an unsettling experience he had in his hotel room in Malaysia after seeing the movie.

"So this just happened last night after watching The Conjuring 2," he began.

"We came back to the hotel room at about 2:30am. As we were too beat, we decided to nap first. At about 2:45am, Legacy Voronia [his friend] decided to brush her teeth before continuing her sleep.


"After brushing her teeth, she came out of the toilet asking me if I pranked her with a cross drawn on the mirror in the toilet. I was puzzled, as I was resting on the bed all the while and I thought she was trying to prank me.

"We then realised that we were not pulling pranks at each other. I then went to the toilet to check out the cross... It was freshly drawn, as I could see water creeping down on one side of the cross, and the stain is still fresh."

By reading the comments, you'd think it was a well-known fact that a) demons are real, and b) you draw them in by watching movies like The Conjuring. 

It was never explained why the demon kinda looked like a nun. Image via Warner Bros.

One man named Cavan Chan commented, "By just watching the movie, you allowed the devil to have a foothold in your life. So its expected for this to happen~ its normal."

Another Facebook user wrote, "Cos after watching a horror movie, that's the after effect."

How did these people become so proficient in ghost-related knowledge?!

The irony, of course, is that it's generally accepted that the Enfield Hauntings, upon which The Conjuring 2 is based, were a hoax (believe me - I did a humiliating amount of research after the movie).

And to put your mind at ease, myself and three friends watched the film and returned home without ghosts in our houses/crucifixes appearing on our bathroom mirrors/unexpected deaths.

I'm going to choose to believe that the man's death was a sad coincidence rather than the work of a demon. I'm also willing to put money on the fact that the guy in Malaysia drew the crucifix himself.

I just don't think ghosts are that steady with their hands.

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