Man sits on a plane, finds his doppelganger sitting next to him.

Turns out the ‘red-haired, bearded men’ look is surprisingly common.

We’ve all grown up watching The Parent Trap and dreaming of the day we find our long-lost identical twin.

For Neil Thomas Douglas, this dream just became a reality when he found his doppelganger on a plane.

Although Douglas wasn’t technically related to the man who was sitting next to him on his flight to Galway in Ireland on Thursday, he quickly realised that he had essentially found his exact replica.

After boarding the plane and finding a man sitting in his seat, Douglas politely asked the man to move. When the man looked up, Douglas realised that he was  looking at his body/bearded-face double.

Douglas explained to Huffington Post that the similarities didn’t end with their looks. They had also checked into the same hotel and then ran into each other at a bar.

Because the Internet is a wonderful place, after the photo was uploaded, many more bearded men have since come forward claiming doppelganger status with Douglas.

At last count, there are at least five red-headed, bearded men running around the world and confusing everybody with their identical ways.

Although the Internet can be a scary place sometimes, we’re pretty happy that it has resulted in this red-haired, bearded-men doppelganger story.

Thank you, world.

Because we will never tire of looking at doppelgangers, here are a few more celebrity lookalikes:

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