A man had been caught filming women in the toilets at a fast food restaurant.

A New Zealand man has been caught climbing into the ceiling of a Burger King bathroom to photograph women using the toilet.

Richard Alan Ford, 34, allegedly entered the women’s bathroom at the fast food restaurant, went into a cubicle and locked the door. He then used a rubbish bin as a stepping block to climb through the ceiling tiles and onto the roof.

According to a police summary of the crime, Ford positioned himself directly above the other cubicle in the bathroom and moved the ceiling tiles so he could record women using the toilet on his mobile phone.

Multiple women used the facilities before Burger King staff intervened, becoming suspicious when the toilet door remained locked for too long.

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When police arrived on the scene, Ford told them he finds it “difficult to control himself” when he has been drinking.

Ford has since confessed to eleven charges of making intimate visual recordings.

He has a previous conviction for a similar offence at a fast food restaurant from 2013.