Man dresses up as his 17-year-old girlfriend to sit her final exam. Gets caught, obviously.

Nice try, Boyfriend.

Kazakhstan is getting a bad rep.

It was already given a hard time by Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat. And now, it’s in the news for a particularly unusual story.

A 20-year-old man dressed up as his 17-year-old girlfriend so he could take her school exam.

Ayan Zhademov, who is possibly the sweetest (but dumbest) boyfriend on the planet, wore a long black wig, false eyelashes, and a girls’ school uniform to sit the Unified National Testing exam, a test that secures a student’s place in university.

Ayan Zhademov dressed as his 17-year-old girlfriend. Source: Twitter

Ayan’s girlfriend was nervous for the test. Really nervous. He tried to calm her down, to no avail. So obviously, he had only one choice. Put on a skirt. Good boyf.

This was no simple test, either. The 25-section, 3-hour exam covers five subjects, and has even been linked to higher suicide rates in Kazakhstani teenagers from stress and anxiety. Very good boyf.

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The examiners were immediately suspicious of Ayan, as he didn’t look much like his girlfriend’s student ID card.

“We suspected it might be another woman that had taken the candidate’s place, but we never suspected it was a man that had taken her place. At least not until he started speaking.” Said a spokesperson.

“He tried speaking in a high voice but it was obvious then that he was a male.”

Ayan Zhademov doing a fairly convincing impersonation.

So close, Ayan. So close.

He was fined nearly AU$3000 for his naughty behaviour, but there was a silver lining: A local businessman insisted on paying half the fine, impressed by the boy’s ingenuity and romantic antics.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend will now have to wait until next year to sit the test. Start studying, dear girl.

Or get yourself a boyfriend with a high-pitched voice.

What’s the most romantic thing your partner has done for you?