If this man had waited at the bus stop seconds longer, this video would have a very different ending.

You might call it ‘fate’…

Sometimes, life works in mysterious ways.

For example, when you’re standing at a bus stop, you decide to leave, and SECONDS later a car crashes into the place you were standing.

This actually happened to a man from Dalston, East London — and the escape was captured on camera.

There he is, taking his sweet, ol’ time…

The suited man arrives at the bus stop, takes his time perusing the timetable, and walks off (presumably to buy himself a lottery ticket) before a Range Rover ploughs through the very same spot.

A cyclist who witnessed the incident told British news source The Evening Standard it was all a matter of 30 seconds.

“Two cars were driving side by side, one completely lost control and smashed into a lamppost,” the cyclist said.

“[The] car swerved across the street. Was on my bike, would have been brown bread if I was 30 seconds earlier!

“Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Fortunately, police have confirmed no one was injured in the crash.

Have you ever had a brush with death? 

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