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1. Man arrested after five hour dangerous police pursuit while his 2-year-old was in the car.

Police have arrested a man after a five-hour pursuit from Wyong to western Sydney, all the while the man had his two-year-old son in the car.

The pursuit by the NSW Police Riot Squad, uniforms and unmarked police cars and PolAir began after police tried to serve an outstanding warrant to the man.

The man fled in his hino truck but police then called off the chase when they realised a child was in the vehicle.

A police helicopter then followed the hino truck for around 100km before it ran out of petrol in Yagoona in Sydney’s south-west.

The man began in Watanobbi on the Central Coast. Via 9 News.

With CCTV capturing the drama police swarmed on the vehicle grabbing the two-year-old and taking him to safety.

The 40-year-man reportedly had three outstanding arrest warrants against him including one for possession of firearms.

Tuggerah Lakes Police Chief Inspector Colin Lott said he was relieved no one was injured during the incident.

“Police are pleased nobody was hurt and of course the safety of the child was paramount,” he said.

“It could have been a lot worse.”

2. Donald Trump reaches number of delegates needed to clinch nomination.

All that is between Donald Trump and the White House now  is Hillary Clinton after Trump reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president.

Trump reportedly now has 1,238 delegates, one more than required, after a number of unbound delegates said they will support him at the convention.

He will officially be confirmed as the party's nominee at the convention in Cleveland in July.

Meanwhile US President Barack Obama has said that international leaders "have good reason to be rattled" by Mr Trump.

Speaking on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Japan, Mr Obama said Mr Trump had shown a cavalier and ignorant attitude towards world affairs.

"They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him - and for good reason, because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude," the president said.

3. Babysitter charged over death of policeman’s daughter.

The 18-year-old babysitter who was driving the four-year-old daughter of a policeman in NSW when she crashed, killing the little girl has been charged over the girl’s death.

Courteney Matthews, 18, has been charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving occasioning death, and other charges.

She was driving along the Bruxner Highway, 10km east of Casino with Elle Underwood, 4, as her passenger when her car  allegedly collided with a Subaru Liberty.

Ellie’s father Sergeant Steve Underhill attended the crash scene to find his daughter had died.

4. No schoolkids bonus, no matter who wins the election.

Federal Labor won't restore the schoolkids bonus or change the aged pension assets test if it wins government at the July 2 election.


Labor had criticised the Coalition for scrapping the bonus and has railed against the pension changes, which reduce payments to pensioners with substantial assets.

The Opposition voted against both the changes in federal parliament, accusing the Coalition of treating pensioners and parents with contempt.

But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Labor would not reinstate the bonus or reverse the pension changes while the budget remained so heavily in deficit.

"We think the Government was ill-conceived in making these changes and we still think they're not the best changes, and that's why when the Greens and the Liberals voted together on pension changes we registered our disagreement," Mr Shorten said.

"But now we've had the most recent fiscal outlook, there is no doubt that this Government has surprised Australians, including us — they've tripled the deficit, they've also put at jeopardy, under Malcolm Turnbull's reign, the AAA credit rating.

"We do not believe, looking at the latest set of books that the Government has just revealed last week, that we're in a position to restore the changes they've made."

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen told the ABC: “Families will be better off under Labor, but we will not be able to afford to bring back the Schoolkids Bonus."

Shadow ageing spokesman Shayne Neumann also confirmed on Thursday that Labor would not restore the Coalition's $1.2 billion funding cut to aged care services.

5. Hiker claims to have survived for a week on a packet of sultanas.

A hiker who was lost in the Gold Coast hinterland for almost a week yesterday claimed to have survived on little more than a packet of sultanas.

Brian Saunders, 58, called police after getting lost in Lamington National Park on Sunday.

Rescue crews set out to find him but his phone soon went flat.

For five days about 100 emergency services personnel and volunteers combed the dense bushland.

Yesterday Mr Saunders emerged from the bush. The Courier Mail reports that he told police he had left for the hike with three sandwiches, two litres of water and a small box of sultanas and that he lived off eight sultanas a day for four days.

But after he made plans to sell his story skepticism about the veracity of his story began.

A farmer who was the first to speak to Mr Saunders after his ordeal said he looked “too good”

“He looked too good to be someone coming out of the forest after five nights,” he said.

Mr Saunders told Channel 7 he knew he would make it out but had to do it “one step at a time”.

“It doesn’t please me knowing how much money was spent on trying to rescue me,” he said.

6. Someone in Victoria is $40 million richer.

Somewhere in Victoria is a millionaire who doesn’t even know it.

Tatts is on the hunt for the mystery winner of Tuesday's Oz Lotto jackpot.


The winning, unregistered ticket was purchased in the South Gippsland town of Leongatha, about 135 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

Nextra Newsagency Leongatha owner Pater Watchorn said

"It could have been anyone," Mr Watchorn told Fairfax Media.

"Leongatha is in trouble with the dairy industry, so this has been a good news story."

The winning seven numbers for the May 24 Oz Lotto draw were 22, 32, 25, 11, 38, 4 and 5.

7. Paedophiles could be castrated or put to death.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced a regulation - effective immediately - that would allow judges to sentence child rapists to death or order that they be chemically castrated reports Fairfax Media.

Bali is now a blackspot for Australian paedophiles eclipsing Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia to become the number one destination for Australian child sex tourists.

The new punishments follow national outrage over the brutal gang rape and murder of Yuyun, a 14-year-old girl from Bengkulu in Sumatra. Seven boys under 18 were imprisoned for 10 years – but many said it was not enough.

"We all mourn the tragic death of [Yuyun]. Catch and severely punish the perpetrators. Women and children must be protected from violence," Mr Joko tweeted after Yuyun's death.

The new regulations have implications for the AFP who must take into account a series of factors before providing assistance in potential death penalty scenarios.

8. Man who trapped possum, shaved it and applied sports liniment to its bare skin pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges.

A man who trapped a possum, shaved its tail and applied sports liniment to its bare skin because it defecated in his bathtub has now made “peace” with the animal says his lawyer.

Craig Simon Taylor, 38, of North Hobart, admitted the charge of causing pain to an animal over the incident in 2014.

A video of the possum trying to escape his bathroom and the subsequent attack was found by police reports The Mercury. 

Taylor filmed the possum attempting to escape his bathroom and after trapping it’s tail in a window he used electric razor to shave it before applying Deep Heat ointment to it’s exposed skin.

Taylor’s lawyer told the court his client has since “made peace with the animal.”

“The possum is still alive and well and lives in the same tree,” he told the court.

“Mr Taylor extends the courtesy of feeding it from time to time and it suffers no apparent ill effect from the day in question.”

However Deputy Chief Magistrate Michael Daly convicted Taylor of the charge.

He sentenced Taylor to one month in jail, suspending the execution of the sentence on the condition the defendant be of good behaviour for 12 months.

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