Best and Worst: How was your week?


Happy Halloween, friends! Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst.

It’s that time of week on Mamamia where we debrief as a community after a long, hard week and look forward to the weekend.

If you’re new here, this is how it goes: I tell you the best part and the worst part of my week. And then it’s your turn!

Okay, I’ll start us off.


Aside from my new haircut, my best is yet to come. I’m flying to Melbourne tonight to go to Derby Day tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait! I’ve never been to Melbourne before (I know, I KNOW).

So my question to you native Melburnians is this: What must I do in your city?


I’m yet to feel settled in Sydney. I’ve been here for almost three months and I still feel like it’s a temporary situation.

I’m flying back to my hometown whenever I can to be around familiar surroundings. I know I need to give it time, but it’s hard.

Top that with a long-distance relationship and you can tell why it’s been a hard transition. Any advice would be very helpful.

Enough from me, it’s your turn! Tell us about your week.

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