Do we blame bad behaviour on mental illness? The latest episode of the podcast is live.
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Three women walk into a studio. Only two of them have rainbow Facebook profiles.

This week on Mamamia Outloud, Mia Freedman, Susan Carland and Monique Bowley ask the big questions: if you support marriage equality, but also secretly want a new Facebook selfie, how can you change your profile pic back without looking like a jerk? Why are all the cool kids getting semi-colon tattoos? And what the heck is “on fleek”?

But it was the aftermath of the Belle Gibson interview that prompted The Big Topic:

Do we sometimes excuse bad behaviour by labelling it as mental illness?

Is it actually, that sometimes, people aren’t mentally ill.  They’re just a bit shit?

It’s interesting that when someone does something we struggle to understand, how quick we label it as mental illness.  We Google behavioural patterns and watch as the internet drums up a myriad of psychological conditions that can explain away behaviour.

What problems does this create?

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