Mamamia Podcast #2: Stupidity, scapegoats and swimwear.

The year has officially started.

This week, school started again, Karl Stefanovic was back eating hot stuff on our morning TV, and everyone started ragging on the PM.

Yep. The year has officially started.

This week’s episode of the podcast rips into the big issues of the week plus the secret ones we think about in the middle of the night. Things like:

If Tony Abbott cocked up this knighthood all on his own, then why is his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin getting all the heat?

Sam Armytage poses in a swimsuit for Women’s Weekly in what could have been a revolutionary moment. So why are we all still disappointed?

The leggings-as-pants debate rages on so we take the streets and ask the men of Australia what they think.

And there is passionate defense of big, beige knickers.

Our presenters are all a bit different too.

Jamila is mega smart. She has a law and economics degree. She worked in Parliament House for a Prime Minister. She’s the kinda girl who reads Hansard transcripts and High Court decisions for fun (no, actually…). This picture is of her (on the left) during her days of student politics and before GHD straighteners were invented:

Mia is the boss. She also used to edit mega huge womens magazines. Now she runs a mega huge womens websites.

She’s hardly the devil wears prada, though. She does things like gets her kimono stuck on door handles and tucks her dress into her undies and accidentally puts silica sachets in her green smoothie.

Silica is not a superfood

And Monique pushes the buttons.  She’s a prudish nanna who has many secrets. She was on The Great Australian Bakeoff where she made it to the semi’s before being eliminated by a flat croissant. She’s never eaten them again.

Monz with all her friends.

You should come join in. It’s like listening to three women chatting at the kitchen table.  It’s smart, interesting and sometimes a bit silly. You might learn something. You might not always agree. You might find yourself rolling your eyes, nodding along or yelling out loud “Yes, Mia. I once thought G-strings were hot too”.

Pop it on when you’re driving, or listen while you bake, garden, cook, weed, walk the dog and do all your weekend things.

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