An investigative podcast, and more recommendations from Mamamia Out Loud this week.

From our number one podcast Mamamia Out Loudhere is exactly what you should read, watch, listen to or try this weekend, as recommended by your favourite podcast hosts.

This week's recommendations.

Jessie Stephens wants you to follow...

Gatekeepers of knowledge on Instagram

The account posts a weekly quiz every Friday afternoon that contains 15 questions and one discussion question that’s super engaging like "How would you prove that you’re not AI?" It’s such a fun little game to play if you’re hanging out with a group of people.


The best thing is that because it’s on Instagram, you can look back at previous posts if you can’t wait a full week for the next quiz.

Holly Wainwright wants you to listen to...

Image source: YouTube/Tortoise Media.

A podcast called 'Who Trolled Amber' by Tortoise Media. It’s about the very public Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case that took place in 2022.


The podcast dives into whether or not the overwhelming social media coverage that came along and tore down Amber Heard during those trials were genuine or whether they were an organised campaign.

It investigates the question: Was this really about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? Or was it a much bigger, sinister test case on what happens when a powerful entity wants to interfere with a public situation?

Mia Freedman wants you to take part in...

Image source: Supplied.


A clothes swap. We did this at Mamamia this week and Mia has also been doing it in her group chat with a few friends for a while now. It’s both sustainable and cheap. We didn’t just limit ourselves to clothes, we also swapped handbags, accessories and shoes.

For the clothes that didn’t end up being swapped, you can donate them! I personally got eight new outfits and I don’t care how egotistical this makes me sound… I’m a whole new woman.

Last week's recommendations.

Jessie Stephens wanted you to watch...

Image source: Instagram/ironclawmovie


The Iron Claw on Apple TV.

Jessie said that after watching this, Zac Efron is setting himself up to receive an Academy Award in the next few years. It’s based on a true story and follows the Von Erich brothers — a family of professional wrestlers in the '80s.

She said, "The way in which they’re able to juxtapose the strength of their bodies with the vulnerability of what’s happening to them is quite remarkable."

Read more: People are calling it the saddest movie of 2024, but why?

Mia Freedman wanted you to watch...

Image: Netflix.


America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Netflix. 

These women are remarkable. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable American football team, worth $9 billion as of this year. The cheerleaders? They have to work full-time jobs alongside being a cheerleader because they can’t financially sustain themselves on just that.

If you're a big fan of sports docos, you need to get around it ASAP. 

I (filling in for Holly) wanted you to think about...

Image: Instagram/Jemima Kirke via Substack/Culture Vulture 


A concept that I came across when I was reading a newsletter by Culture Vulture, titled, The title of the "Am I unconfident, or am I just thinking about myself too much."

The newsletter was based on an Instagram story by actor Jemima Kirke where a member of her audience asked if she had any advice for young unconfident women. Kirke replied with a selfie accompanied by text that read: "I think you guys might be thinking about yourselves too much."

Writer Maggie Jean says, "Self-optimisation is marketed to us constantly. We’re advised to measure sleep, consume fifteen billion 'essential' vitamins before breakfast, have a ten-step beauty regime, put ourselves first and practice consistent introspection."

Feature image: Supplied/YouTube Tortoise Media.

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