On the podcast: Wedding-haters, assisted suicide, and Taylor Swift.

PODCAST ALERT: There’s a brand shiny new episode of the Mamamia OutLoud podcast. It’s your chance to eavesdrop on Mia Freedman, Jamila Rizvi, Holly Wainwright and me talk.

They’re the smartest, funniest women I know. Get them up in your ears.

This week, we cover:

Topic 1: “I don’t care about your wedding.”

Happily Married Mia Freedman confronts Newly Engaged Jamila Rizvi about brides-to-be who share every goddamn detail about their upcoming party-planning. We basically got stuck into all the things people need to stop sharing (on Facebook, on Instagram, in person). Including but not limited to: The colour of napkin you choose for your wedding, your child’s first time eating solids, the contents of your dreams. Did we miss anything?

Topic 2: The 29-year-old woman who changed the way we speak about death forever.

Brittany Maynard

When brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard decided to take her life on 3rd November, she got the whole world talking about physician-assisted suicide. We honour that legacy by talking about the ethics of that decision, the difference between that and euthanasia, why we don’t talk about our own mortality enough, and who should get the right to end their own existence.

Further reading: “Thank you, Brittany Maynard, for a life well lived.” 

Topic 3: What happens to women who dare to get famous for singing.

24-year-old pop star Taylor Swift broke all records with the release of her new album, 1989. Parents (including Holly and Mia) seem to be completely happy if their kids love Taylor – is she the only female pop star who gets parental approval these days? Why do we have so many Miley-Katy-Rihanna clones? And what has happened to get us to a place where talented women disappear from the industry if they don’t conform?

Further reading: “The music industry only knows how to do one thing to women.”


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