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Em Rusciano on the secret to being cool.

When was the moment you realised you weren’t cool anymore?

Was it when your Sunday’s really changed?

Or when you decided that on a rare night out, you prefer to wear comfortable shoes, pack a cardigan, and baulk at spending $400 on a new dress (because if you put that money on your mortgage, think of the thousands in compound interest you would save)?

For me, it was the moment I saw Justin Beiber in concert. It scarred me, reader. It scarred me deep.

But this week on the podcastEm Rusciano has a water tight theory on how to be cool at any age.

She says stop trying.

Because the second you TRY, you’re not cool anymore.

It’s why Phil Dunphy is the uncoolest dad to exist on modern TV. Because he just tries so hard. And why I’m presently at the uncoolest part of the life matrix, because I’m a trier.

Em Rusciano is also a trier. She loves to try hard. Except here’s the other secret to cool she knows well:

Own who you are. Give no shits about what others think.

And sure enough, people will be like “that’s cool.”

It’s the circle of cool.

Current status: uncool but with giving no shits.

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Are you cool? Cool.