PODCAST: We need to talk about That Wedding.

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Mamamia Out Loud is BACK with what everyone’s talking about this week.

Mia Freedman, Monique Bowley and Shelly Horton have packed all the best bits of the week into a podcast so you can get stay up-to-date, feel smarter, and arm yourself with smart things to say when you catch up with your friends (lol, jks. No one talks because everyone is on their phone).

Like The Wedding Of The Century: in all it’s excessive, obsessive and depressive glory.

Oh, the irony of the “shhhh” pose

Plus, the surprising element of Caitlyn Jenner’s show I Am Cait. Hint: It’s not the fact she used to be a man. The show making headlines is a worthy exploration of trangender issues, and has some heart clutching moments. But can we talk about the cringey parts too please?

What do you mean, you cringed?

Also, what the heck is a plebiscite, and the latest installment of Explain To Me looks at term familiar to many: Jumping The Shark.

Mick Fanning eat your heart out.

Also, the app that will change the way you deal with pesky life jobs, and two brilliant reads to add to your bedside table.

It’s the podcast that’s like listening to friends around the kitchen table.  When they’re not on their phones. Listen here:

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