The terrible truth about Humphrey B Bear.

The B Stands for Boring.

Humphrey B Bear is apparently coming back to our TV screens.

When news broke that the loveable, pantless bear of our childhood may be coming back from the television grave, the reaction around the office was one of misty nostalgia.

“Oh! Humphrey!” Everyone said warmly. And that’s all they said.  Because here’s the hard truth:

Humphrey is actually really boring.

Even Dee Madigan, an advertising guru, the creative director of an advertising agency, a Gruen Transfer panellist, a women who knows when things work and when they don’t, agreed.  The B Stands for ‘Boring’:

TV has moved on. Childrens’ television has moved on.   Is a cuddly bear who relies on flapping gestures and a giggly girl by his side enough for kids anymore?


So please.  Let him be the relic of our childhood nostalgia.

We want to remember him like this. (via instagram officialhumpreybbear)

Dee Madigan was our hilarious guest on Mamamia Out Loud this week. Together with Mia Freedman and myself, we spent an hour covering all the news of the week and the stuff you might have missed.  What is ‘Hate Reading?? Why is Mia quitting everything? What did the Formula One do this week that made us want to high five them? And a message to any man who wants to send a dic pic.

We also plugged into the big issue: The Tampon Tax.

We decided we need a message to send to politicans.  Something that can galvanise women in their show of support to Axe the Tax. What could it be?

Wear red? Put tampons in our hair?


White pants.  OF COURSE.

The full, hilarious episode is here:

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