Open Post: A trip on the world's longest flight.

Just a casual pic of me and John Travolta.

Hello friends, welcome to another week of Open Post.

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I’ll kick things off.

I recently went on the longest flight in the world.

I admit that I’ve been lucky enough to fly before. But in this kind of luxury? Never.

Usually when I take off I’m crammed in to a human rendition of a sardine can and I’m craning my neck while trying to sleep if it’s an overnight haul.

So when I was offered a seat (in Business class) to fly on the inaugural A380 flight direct from Sydney to Dallas, Texas I didn’t just say yes, I squealed a little and turned a tinge of pink from my hot headed excitement.

What’s it like to fly in such prestige? Let me break it down for you.

Business class holds 64 passengers with a 2-2-2 seat configuration in the upper deck of the plane. Each seat is a Skybed, and there’s a lounge area up front if you want a change of scenery during your 15 hour flight.

The seats are plush, and there’s an even comfier mattress that the crew pull over your seat shortly after take-off for when you’re ready to bunker down for the night. The cabin is roomy. I couldn’t touch the seat in front of me when I was lying completely flat, and I have legs like a giraffe so this means spacious. See.

Once you’re comfy in your seat, the crew bring you an offer of water, orange juice or champagne. Because Fancy.

The take-off is smooth and the engines are extremely quiet, as though you’re just gliding in to the abyss.


Once you’re cruising at 40, 000 feet you can pop up your in-house entertainment screen and scroll through the 300 plus hours of movies and TV shows on offer. The crew bring around your very own set of Qantas pyjamas and designer amenities before serving you dinner, which you’ve selected from a contemporary range of Rockpool designed dishes.

From one of my travel buddy’s Instagram accounts @jamesgwilkinson

It is an a la carte dining experience. They pull your table out for you, they drape it in a white (napkin inspired) table cloth, they bring you an entrée, main and dessert, all accompanied with fine wines, quality beers or a non-alcoholic beverage of your liking. Gourmet snacks are on offer throughout the flight as well.

And then it’s time to kick back and relax (not that you weren’t already). There is also a massage option on the seats.

You can choose to be woken for breakfast (which of course I chose – the food is too good to pass up!)

And then you arrive, feeling more refreshed than you have ever felt after getting off a long haul flight. (Which was great for when I met John Travolta on arrival).

And for those of us (myself included) who will be taking economy; forget your sardine tin can visions. The economy cabin has comfy designer seats and snacks are offered between meals for when you get peckish. It’s luxury, front to back on the world’s longest flight from Sydney to Dallas.

Sarah was a guest on the Qantas A380 inaugural flight direct from Sydney to Dallas Fortworth. A big thanks to the Qantas crew and their impeccable service (with a smile) for 15 hours straight.

Over to you, what’s been happening in your world?

Take a look inside the plane…

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