Open Post: Take me back to Thailand, please.

“Take me back to Thailand, please.”

Hello friends!

Welcome to Open Post, a place where we come to talk about how our week’s going thus far.

Or in my case, reminisce on a particularly excellent week not long ago as this past week has been very uneventful.

The week I’m referring to was my recent trip to Thailand where I got to experience luxury I have only ever known about through Instagram.

The beautiful Cape Nidhra. Yeah, sorry, it’s going to be a fairly brag-gy post.

The first place I stayed at was called Cape Nidhra in Hua Hin, about a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok. Walking into the entrance, I realised that this was going to be a slight step up from the backpackers I usually stay at.

The entrance to Cape Nidhra. Real fancy like.

But, and not to take anything away from the entrance, this ranked fourth on the list of amazing things at this resort.

The food was definitely third best. It was a mix of Thai cuisine with a Western Influence. I think. To be honest I ate it so quickly it’s a miracle I was able to take photos let alone know what I was eating.

Second best thing at Cape Nidhra? The private plunge pool. Yes, private. Plunge. Pool.

Me trying to make out like it was no big deal. It was really the biggest, most exciting deal.

First best? The spa treatment. We were given signature massages that made me believe in happiness.

Cape Spa. Photo courtesy of Cape Nidhra

I was convinced I had experienced all the luxury the world had to offer me and was destined for a horrible world full of bedrooms without private plunge pools and places without delicious foods.

I was wrong. Oh, I was so wrong.

The next place I visited was called SALA Phuket Resort & Spa in Phuket, AKA “what feels like private hotel rooms for every guest that visits us”.

This accommodation was unbelievable.

It consisted of an outdoor bathroom, private plunge pool, and an additional room inside with a bed/TV/your dreams. All on the one, very private, enclosed block to yourself.



Here, we were lucky enough to experience a Thai cooking class by the Chef. This was wonderful because I a) got to learn how to expand my repertoire from stir-fries and pasta and b) I felt like I’d really earned my meal.

Luckily for my back and my relaxation, I was treated to another Spa treatment here.

I received another signature massage and another hour of regretting every single backpackers I had put myself through up until that point.

Sala Spa. Photo courtesy of SALA Phuket Resort & Spa.

After Phuket, I went to Zeavola Resort in Koh Phi Phi.

I don’t want to overstate this or anything, but Koh Phi Phi is quite literally the most beautiful place you will ever see in your life.

This is the place that postcard dreams are made of.

Zeavola was a beautiful, “barefoot” resort, where everyone was smiling, all the time. Literally everyone.

The resort wasn’t typically “fancy”, but was still  incredibly luxurious.

Sadly, for the third and final time I was treated to a Spa treatment.

But it was almost like the facial specialist knew this was the last hurrah though, as she gave me a neat little braid after it.

The magical braid.

But by far the highlight of this place was the Island Hopping Tour.

I cannot express how picturesque this was, so instead I will just use the pictures to demonstrate it instead.

Now you can see why this week was much more worthy of Open Post than my previous week when the highlight was eating six bowls of defrosted minestrone soup.

Take me back to Thailand, please.

Dimity’s trip to Thailand was courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand and CT Marketing. She stayed at Cape Nidhra, SALA Phuket Resort & Spa and Zeavola.

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