Open post: what have you been up to this week?

Welcome to this week’s open post.

If you’re new to this space, this is where you can talk about anything and everything that’s going on in your world right now. You name it and we want to hear about it – unless it’s got to do with your Auntie’s weird toenail infection…maybe keep that one to yourself.

I’m Amelia, a journalism student from Melbourne currently interning at the Mamamia Network. I’ve been working with this amazing team of women for the past week and am finally starting to grasp what working in the industry might actually be like.

Sydney’s Circular Quay is quite the spectacle.

But I’m also starting to grasp what it must be like to live in Sydney. Now, as a born and bred Melbourne girl (bear with me Sydney-siders), I was ready to come here and hate it. In fact, I had pretty much written it off entirely after hearing about the shonky public transport system, inferior coffee and Bondi bogans. But, I have to say, Sydney, I am quietly impressed.

For starters, even though the public transport is below par, you do have double-decker trains. Which, I’ll hand it to you, is pretty cool.

And far from bogans appearing before me in Bondi, I was instead met by an unexpectedly large amount of very good looking people sporting toned tanned legs and very white teeth. My visions of baggy Bintang singlets all faded away and were instead replaced with green smoothies, dog walkers and large salads filled with cruciferous vegetables.

Being a self-confessed coffee snob,  I sat in trepidation as I awaited my first Sydney latte to land before me. Thankfully, instead of the watery sludge smelling of dirt I was expecting, a perfectly formed latte complete with a foamy top was placed before me. I looked around the Surry Hills cafe where I sat and realised, much to my surprise, it was just like any other specialty cafe filled with hipsters (who write poetry in moleskin books and only ingest flat whites because its all they can afford) that we have in Melbourne.

Coffee in Sydney looks suspiciously like coffee in Melbourne.

Great coffee? Check.

Exposed brick and minimalist nordic-inspired furniture? You betcha.

Bearded barista? I tell you, that thing was so bushy it could have been confused with the former American President himself.

So, I guess every city has its pitfalls and I’ll admit Melbourne’s not perfect either: the public transport sucks just as much, there are definitely bogans to be found sunning themselves in St Kilda and, while generally speaking the coffee is better, you guys are definitely coming a close second.

So you know what Sydney, I just might miss you when I go.

Don’t tell anyone.

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